Four-cup Egg Pan Frying Egg Cooker



Wide application: It's compatible with a gas stove, electric stove, or induction stove. 
Four-cup design: You can fry four eggs or burgers with different flavors at the same time or fry four different foods, meeting the daily breakfast needs of your family.
Healthy material: Made of medical stone, which contains plenty of micro-nutrient elements, such as calcium, iron, and copper, essential to a healthy human body. 
Non-stick: The non-stick coating makes this pan easier to clean and be hygienic. 
Ergonomic design: The anti-scalding and heat-insulating handle conforms to ergonomic design and feels comfortable, reducing hand fatigue effectively. 

Name: four-cup egg pan
Color: dark grey 
Material: medical stone 
Size: 35.2*18.7*2.4cm 
Package information:

Size: 22*22*4.5cm 
Weight: 810g

Package list:
1*four-cup egg pan 

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