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  1. [ADORABLE COMBINATION]: The Christmas decor kit contains wooden beads and Christmas wood charms, beads are smooth, and the charms are bigger than beads, conspicuous charm pendants for home decor.
  2. [NATURAL MATERIAL]: The Christmas beads and charms are made of wood, natural and eco-friendly. Light weight and beautiful, suitable for different style home decor. The beads are also suitable for bracelets making.
  3. [SIZE]: Wood beads: 16mm/0.63inch, hole: 4mm; wood european beads: 16x15mm/0.63x0.59inch, hole: 4mm; Christmas tree pendants: 51x50.5x3mm/2.01x1.99x0.12inch, hole: 2mm; flat round pendants: 95~97x84~85x3mm/3.74~3.82x3.3~3.35x0.12inch, hole: 3mm; reindeer pendants: 87x85x3.5mm/3.43x3.35x0.14inch, hole: 3mm; snowflake pendants: 50x44.5x3mm/1.97x1.75x0.12inch, hole: 2mm; jute cord: about 10m/bundle(10.936yards/bundle), 1mm.
  4. [EASY TO USE]: Size of the wood beads hole is 4mm, you can string the beads with cord easily. Cut the jute cord into suitable length and string the beads, hang them on Christmas tree, your fireplace or just make it as fruit dish decor.
  5. [CHRISTMAS DECOR]: Red and green are exactly classic color of Christmas, you can string the beads and charms with jute cord and hang it on your Christmas tree, or make them as curtain decor. Light weight wooden beads are also good choice for bracelets making.

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