Remote Control Programming Smart Dog Robotic Patrol Dog



Multiple action controls: can move forward, backward, turn left, turn right, stop, etc., and can flexibly execute various commands, increasing the fun of players' operations.
Music function: With the function of playing songs, there are three song buttons. When singing three songs, the volume up or down buttons increase or decrease the volume (with a total of 5 levels of volume), providing users with more entertainment experiences.
Touch sensing: With the touch sensing function, different reactions can be triggered by touching the mouth of the patrol dog, increasing interactivity and fun.
Demonstration mode: With the demonstration function, it can automatically cruise or perform specific actions according to preset programs, demonstrating the intelligence and flexibility of patrol dogs.
Programming ability: Supports programming functions, with programming buttons capable of programming up to 50 actions (volume up/down buttons cannot be programmed, pressing the stop button midway to stop programming actions), cultivating children's logical thinking and creativity.

Item: Remote Control Dog
Main Material: ABS
Main Color: White
Remote Control Dog Battery: 3.7V 600mAh
Charging Time: 1h
Working Time: 40min
Remote Control Distance: 5m
Remote Control Battery: 2* AA Battery(not Included)
Size: 25*21*13.5cm
Package Size: 29.5*17.3*28.6cm
Package Weight: 1120g

Package List:
1* Remote Control Dog
1* Remote Controler
1* Battery
1* Charging Cable
1* User Manual

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